Virgin Airlines quotes, “As an organization, what you need to do is taking care of your employees, Rest; they will take care”.

Network Redux is all about ‘people’ factor. We believe in the principle that, if we take care of our employees they will take care of themselves and the organization; which have turned out to be true in every instance. The freedom they gain generates a sense of ownership among each of them which is evident in what they do and how they do it. Each individual is a knowledge repository committed to the growth of the organization with ample learning opportunities. More than a duty assigned to us, each of our employees find those projects as an opportunity to excel and showcase their commitment towards the company and the clients.

Understand and work

One of the things we strive for is empathy, that kind of empathy you find in a successful team. Being a vital key to our daily running, our technical teams know they can’t be successful unless they step themselves into the clients’ shoes. They need to understand how users are interacting with our client project in order to evolve and improve the services. Our managers are most effective when they recognize the concerns, challenges, and preferences of their team members. We always follow the golden rule for service providers- ‘Think from their side’.

Stronger bond through collaboration

An intriguing character about our company is collaboration! At Network Redux, all our hands are on the deck, making each and everyone involved in all activities possible. Collaboration is the word that describes the Reduxian culture where our teams are engaged in providing excellent service and solves every single issue that arises! Commitment is high at our organization because of the mutual and hierarchical support we receive from each other. Hence for that reason, we have our attrition near to zero.

Terming the team as a family

We are bound in the fabric of a caring family. Every individual is a professional in what he/she does but they are all under one single umbrella: a strong and supportive management. We never tag ourselves as workmates only but also as a bunch of friends who work together for a common cause. Our workplace is full of fun and frolic where every individual is comfortable to work and elicits discretionary behavior. In Network Redux, we always go beyond what is required as we make sure that we take care of each other.

Trusting each other

Dependability and reliability ranks high amongst our teams making each individual bound to the other through trust and confidence. Every individual takes responsibility for what happens in the company, committing to the successful providence of excellent service. The warmth we share as human beings and the transparency our company management has, make Network Redux a lot more humanistic.

Learning through fun interactions

We are passionate about what we do without leaving the aspects of fun and  continuous engagement. This exciting atmosphere provides a wide platform of learning opportunities. This helps us mentor and create innovative ideas to support our Redux Lab activities. These activities are rewarded duly by the organisation which encourages them to contribute more in every aspect. The basic foundation of this being the freedom to express our ideas and contribute to the development of the organization.

Embracing the uncertainties

It always makes sense to venture into fields of challenges that provide quality service and comfort to the clients; and that’s exactly what we as an organization does with our internal activities. Our team embraces the uncertainties and remains curious in dealing with the issues, providing the best service to the clients.

If employees get a sense of safety and well-being in sticking on to the organization and a work environment where everyone looks out for each other, that will surely create a contented workforce as proven by Network Redux. Rules that pressure down the work or hierarchical orders doesn't really create a better workplace; whereas a fun place with a team spirit and the feeling of being a family makes the workplace worthy to be called your second home. At Network Redux, we are confident that when the company culture is right, great customer service and a great brand is born on its own.