Welcome back to this week's security bulletin!

Why application security is enabled for business

Application security  becomes necessary for any organization that wants to build better team collaboration, increase productivity, and improve customer experience.

But when we move forward, we argued that application security is no longer optional to our business as we rely on apps for our day-to-day activities. It may become an opportunity for threats, attacks, and violations due to human error from the mobile workforce.

In today's environment, moving towards digitization is a critical step required for innovation and business growth in Application development. Few business owners project a negative image of business security.

According to the IDC report, while 56% of management views security as an enabler, 27% are still considering it as Blocker for simply working towards employee retention and customer satisfaction.

Application security is often discussed in terms of security breaches, business disruption, and regulatory fines. The opportunities are seldom highlighted. For instance, adequate security makes it feasible for businesses to innovate, which drives profit, growth, and revenue. Securing against cyberattacks can provide genuine benefits for SMEs and lead to valuable organizations.

The competitive advantages are we all know that in this century everything is connected to the internet. The hyper-connectivity, IoT, and customer demand businesses to use applications. Apps bridge the connection of business with the network, mobile, peripheral, and wired devices. They enable us to collect information and offer ease of use for employees and consumers, making a significant difference.

In this age of competitive choice, customers rarely possess the same brand loyalty once they did. Customers prefer companies, which understands the security status of their application. As such, application security addresses the following business goals:

* Product Brand Image – by preventing leaks and projecting security.

* Reduce Risk – Considering those from 3rd parties.

* Protect & safeguard Data – both customer and enterprise data.

* Protect and enhance customer confidence – Effective customer experience drives competition.

* Enhance trust from an investor, customers, and lenders – eliminating risks, boosts trust of all parties.

For any business, image, trust, and risks are the essential topics, which require attention. Application security covers them all.

Improve Productivity with Mobile Employees

In this new world of wireless, the mobile workforce becomes the new norm. Mobile devices are unleashing collaboration and productivity in the workforce, particularly for the 80% of workers who don't want to sit behind the desk every day.

Companies building strong security behind their application infrastructure, empower the workforce to access resources without compromising security.

* Profitability – reduce operating expense

* Productivity – application access anywhere, anytime

The app stores filled with modern apps prove its advertised usefulness.

Supporting digital transformation initiative

C-level executives disclosed that 69% of respondents stated digital transformation is vital to their company's growth strategy. Among them, 64% realized that security was the significant driver of digitization.

With a strong application security stance, enterprises could confidently drive the success of their digital transformation and obtain new opportunities. The digital transformation has given significant changes, new processes were created, new methodologies were made, and all are aimed at ensuring faster delivery of safer digital products to the customers.

The application security integrated into the core app platform automates the major security process, workflows, and tasks to enhance accuracy, response time, and standardization.

Implementing strong security measures facilitates businesses to deliver applications without being slowed down or compromised. Enterprises that have invested in security will be able to continue performance and operations – a significant advantage over those trapped unpreparedly by a cyberthreat.

Over these last few years, cloud computing resources have evolved into a thriving IT supermarket of processing storage, capacity, apps, and a wide range of automated tasks (security, networking & system maintenance), all provided "as a service" by 3rd party vendors.

We can conclude that It's time for businesses to begin thinking about their application security program as a growth enabler that adds value and ensures efficiency. This view can only support when you align security culture with core business goals like brand image, customer retention, and profitability.