Welcome back to this week's Security bulletin!

Everybody knows VPN, a secure way to connect to another network over the Internet. It also helps to access some websites which are region restricted. While several organizations use VPN for security, people use it for accessing region-restricted websites or hiding their online activities.

There are plenty of paid VPN services available, as well as free ones. The smartphone users always prefer free VPN apps because they mostly need it to access the restricted sites. But researchers have discovered that some free Android VPN apps perform Man-in-the-middle attack and steal your passwords, messages, media, and more.

The list of vulnerable VPS apps is listed below, and some of them are downloaded from the PlayStore more than 100M times.

  • SuperVPN Free VPN client
  • TapVPN free VPN
  • Best Ultimate VPN
  • Korea VPN - plugin for OpenVPN
  • VPN Unblocker Free Unlimited Best anonymous Secure
  • Super VPN - 2019 USA

App developers keep the data encryption key hard-coded within the app, and this lets attackers steal the data. Therefore,  please think twice before downloading free VPNs and stay secure!

Regardless of platforms, every system is prone to attack, and Microsoft has announced a preview of its antivirus software for Linux distributions, such as RHEL, Ubuntu, CentOS, and Debian. They are also planning to release Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) antimalware apps for Smartphones!

Microsoft said that "Extending endpoint threat protection to Linux has been a long-time ask from our customers, and we're excited to be able to deliver on that. We know that our customer's environments are complex and heterogeneous. Providing comprehensive protection across multiple platforms through a single solution and streamlined view is more important than ever".

Even though people say "Linux doesn't need Antivirus Softwares," attackers are now concentrating on Linux platforms to release new threats, and therefore, we need to be prepared to defend.

A timeline for when Microsoft would release the iOS and Android versions are not specified yet, although the company said it would be available later this year.