Digital transformation is stimulating at an incredible rate for employees and consumers alike, and the way we work and live has drastically changed. As a result, digital demand is surging, often past the existing infrastructure capacity due to online requests for goods, information, and services.

A recently conducted analyst study of costs and benefits of .NET application migration to the cloud by GigaOm found that Azure is the most performant and cost-effective environment to run ASP.NET web workloads. Azure is up to 54% less expensive than on-premises and up to 30% less expensive than AWS. Besides, Azure is the best destination for your SQL Server, Windows Server, and .NET workloads with unparalleled price-performance across the application and database destinations, both PaaS and IaaS.

Usage of Azure Hybrid Benefit for Structured Query Language (SQL) Server

Azure Hybrid Benefit (AHB) allows bringing existing on-premises licenses, such as SQL Server and Windows Server, over to Azure. With AHB, you can save up to 85% from standard pay-as-go rates and achieve the lowest ownership cost when combining Azure Hybrid Benefits, extended security updates, and reservation savings. Azure Hybrid Benefit also applies to Structured Query Language (SQL) on Azure Dedicated Host and Azure. Additionally, Azure Hybrid Benefit provides 180 days of dual-use rights so you can maintain your on-premises operation while migrating to Azure.

Leverage App Service Reserved Instance Pricing

Azure’s application service reserved instance pricing is another way to save on costs. Azure App Service customers save up to 35% with a one-year commitment and up to 55% for a three-year commitment, compared to pay-as-go prices.

Take Edge of Azure Test/Dev Pricing

With Azure Test/Dev pricing, you can get discounted rates up to 71% for your ongoing development and testing needs. Using serverless tools like Azure Logic Functions and Apps, you can also eliminate third-party and custom code, which will help you increase development productivity by up to 50%. Azure has also extended the Dev/Test pricing discounts to Premium v3 and Premium v2, making it more affordable, especially for Visual Studio subscribers, to test workloads requiring virtual network (VNet) connectivity deploying.

Lower the Operational Costs

Azure can manage the .NET web apps and databases so that you don’t have to do the same. The end-to-end web hosting platform of Azure can free up your team to focus on other processes. You can also easily add custom domains, single sign-on (SSO), SSL certificates, and identity-service integration to your apps using Azure.

You can reduce compliance and regulatory costs by simplifying or automating over 30% of monitoring work versus on-premises hosted applications. Azure’s AI-powered SQL optimization enables adaptive query optimization and automatic tuning. With application insights provided to you with rich out-of-the-box monitoring for ASP.NET applications, you can analyze how upstream dependencies and increased traffic affect the .NET web applications’ response times.

Enable Autoscaling

Like AWS, with Microsoft Azure, you use the servers that you need when you need them. Azure can help optimize the application and underlying database’s performance to meet demand peaks and troughs. Azure surfaces opportunities to save with out-of-the-box monitoring for ASP.NET applications while scaling resources automatically to meet workload demand with Hyperscale and SQL serverless databases. Azure is elastic and helps you to be cost-effective.