Bottlerocket is now in General Availability

Bottlerocket is a new opensource Linux-based operating system which is purpose-built and designed to run containers. That is,  it includes only the software needed to run containers and instead of hundreds of packages, which are not required. It reduces exposure to attack which, is a great security feature and also it comes with security-enhanced Linux or SELinux and protection against rootkit based attacks. So the security is the massive focus of it. Bottlerocket is in general availability for Amazon Elastic Kubernetes service and in preview for Elastic Container Service.

Route53 Resolver now supports DNS query logging

The Route53 resolver query logging, which allows you to log all DNS queries made by resources within your VPC. It will help us to understand how the applications are communicating, be compliant with regulations, spot security threats, and troubleshoot issues related to DNS.  You can send the DNS query logs either to S3 for storage or to Kinesis Data warehouse to stream the data and load it into Redshift or Amazon Elasticsearch for further analysis.

SNS now supports payloads of up to 2GB

SNS now supports messages of up to 2GB in size using the new extended client library for Java. SNS is a notification service, which allows you to send notifications using text message, email and HTTP protocols. Previously the limit was 256kb and with this new library messages of up to 2GB can be supported with the message payload stored in s3.  The SNS notification will reference the s3 location where the payload is stored.

Amazon Lex launches support for Australian English

Amazon Lex supports a new language, Australian English. Amazon Lex is a service for building conversational interfaces into applications using voice and text. It also has deep learning functionalities of automatic speech recognition and natural language understanding.

System Manager supports on-demand patching with two clicks

AWS System Manager, a service used to give you visibility and control of your infrastructure on AWS,  which now supports on-demand patching with just two clicks. You can now initiate on-demand scanning for patch compliance across all your resources. We could find out almost immediately which systems are missing which patches,  and get them all installed while you track the progress in real-time. It is an addition to the old method, which would require you to set a maintenance window for when the patches rolled out to your servers.  It is available in all regions where the AWS System Manager, Patch Manager is supported, excluding the AWS China region.

Single sign-on available in three additional Asia pacific regions

AWS single sign-on is available in three additional Asia Pacific regions: Tokyo, Japan; Mumbai, India; and Seoul, Korea all now have access to the service, It allows you to easily centrally manage access to multiple AWS  accounts and business applications with single sign-on access, to all of the accounts and applications from one place.  AWS single sign-on allows administrators to configure and maintain all necessary permissions for accounts automatically, user permissions can be assigned based on common job functions and can be completely customised for your organization-specific security requirements.