Two new AWS regions

AWS has announced two new regions to their ever-expanding region locations. This is the very first AWS Africa region,  and its available now located in Cape Town. It adds to AWS's investment in the growth of South Africa,  which includes the launch of Direct Connect in 2017 and CloudFront in 2018 as well as two new edge locations in Johannesburg and Cape Town. AWS has also announced the immediate availability of the AWS Europe Milan region, which is the first region launched in Italy by any cloud provider. This brings AWS to 24 regions and 76 availability zone worldwide.

Introducing Amazon AppFlow

Amazon has introduced the Amazon AppFlow, a fully managed integration service that allows you to securely transfer data between SAS products like Salesforce, Slack, and Service now and AWS services like Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift. In just a few clicks, you can run data flows at nearly any scale at the frequency you choose on a schedule or in response to a business event or even on-demand. And it also includes transformation capabilities like mapping, merging, filtering, and validation, which lets you generate ready-to-use data as part of the flow itself. In addition to that, it encrypts data in motion and keeps it secure automatically.

AWS chatbot now in GA

Now, AWS chatbot is generally available for all customers. AWS chatbot is an interactive agent that you can use to monitor your AWS services in your slack channels and your Amazon Chime chat rooms. You can receive alerts, run commands to get diagnostic information, create AWS support cases, and even invoke AWS Lambda functions.

EC2 now supports aliases for Amazon Machine Images (AMIs)

AWS has announced that EC2 now supports custom identifiers to reference AMIS. Now, you can give you AMIs a name to allow for better understanding; that is, you can create an alias and reference that when launching instances. It uses the AWS system manager parameter store to hold those aliases.

AWS CloudFormation supports blue/green deployments for ECS.

Now, AWS CloudFormation is integrated with AWS CodeDeploy to allow their elastic container service or ECS customers with applications or network load balancers to invoke blue/green and canary style deployments when they update their applications. This allows you to incrementally increase the number of people using a new version of your site or application that you have deployed, all while still using ECS. This minimizes the interruption to your website or your application and allows you to test new deployments alongside the old to work before switching over completely fully, or it gives you the ability to roll back.

The Amazon chime SDK now supports 250 attendees

The Amazon Chime SDK can now host audio and video conferences for 250 attendees.  The chime SDK is a set of real-time communications components that developers can use to add video calling and audio as well as screen-sharing capabilities to their web and mobile applications.  It is the same technology that powers Amazon Chime itself, so the ability to now host up to 250 attendees is a great improvement.

AWS cloud9 is now available in five more region

AWS Cloud9 is now available in more regions. AWS cloud9 is the cloud-based integrated development environment that lets you write, run, and debug code in the browser. It is now available in the Middle east-Bahrain region, Asia Pacific-Hong Kond, US West- North California, Europe, Paris, and South America- Sau Paolo regions.

Amazon introduced the Game Analytics Pipeline

AWS has introduced the Game Analytics Pipeline solution implementation, which helps game developers launch a scalable serverless data pipeline to store, ingest, and analyze telemetric data generated by their games and services. The architecture, design, and deployment guide which has been released,  is in-depth and incredibly detailed, and a great way to learn about AWS services you may have never touched before.