Let's have a quick peek into this months AWS updates:

  • Amazon CodeGuru is now generally available.
  • AWS for aerospace and satellite solutions.
  • Amazon RDS proxy is now generally available.
  • Cloud development kit for Terraform.
  • New CIS benchmark for EKS.
  • New Amazon interactive video service.

Amazon CodeGuru is now generally available

Amazon CodeGuru is a developer tool that uses machine learning to improve your code quality, and it can even identify an application's most expensive line of code. CodeGuru has two components, the reviewer and the profiler. The reviewer will scan code for critical issues, identify bugs, and recommend how to fix them. The profiler will help discover expensive code lines, which mean inefficient code, and it gives recommendations on how to improve the code and how to save money.

AWS for aerospace and satellite solutions

AWS has established a new aerospace cloud unit called Aerospace and satellite solutions. There are job listings for many different space sub-sectors like rocket launchers, human space flight support, robotic systems, mission control, and lots more. Space is something AWS has been putting a lot of effort into over the past few years as this ties in their AWS ground station service announced in 2018 as well.

Amazon RDS proxy is now generally available

Amazon RDS proxy was launched at re:Invent in 2019; RDS Proxy is a fully managed and highly available proxy for RDS that makes applications more scalable, secure, and resilient to database failures. RDS Proxy allows applications to pool and share connections established with the database, which improves efficiency and application scalability. AWS has said RDS Proxy reduces the client recovery time after a failover by up to 79% for Aurora MySQL and up to 32% for RDS for MySQL. The authentication can be managed through AWS Secrets Manager and AWS Identity and Access Management integrations. It can be enabled for most applications with no code change, and there is no provisioning. You pay per vCPU of the database instance that the proxy is enabled on.

Cloud development kit for Terraform

AWS has announced the cloud development kit for Terraform. Terraform is a widely used open-source infrastructure as a code software tool, which allows you to define your infrastructure in a declarative consistent, and repeatable way. Infrastructure as code is a fundamental component of modern DevOps practices. However,  using a tool like Terraform usually means also learning a new configuration language. So, AWS has teamed up with HasiCorp, the Terraform developers, to create the cloud development kit for Terraform. It means that the developer will now be able to define and provision infrastructure using familiar programming languages like python and TypeScript, with more languages expected. So it is in the preview now and is in the early stages of development and is an open-source project.

New CIS benchmark for EKS

There is a new center for internet security benchmark for Elastic Kubernetes Service. This benchmark is designed to help you assess your EKS cluster's security configuration to help you meet any security and compliance requirements.  It is still your responsibility to ensure that you can figure the worker nodes and your applications securely. So as an EKS user, you are responsible for managing identity access management users and roles and identity access management and resource-based policies and node and pod security, network security, and encrypting any secrets. It is designed specifically for the Amazon implementation of EKS.

New Amazon interactive video service

AWS launched Amazon interactive video service or IVS. IVS is a new video streaming offering, making it easy to add live video to your applications and websites. This service's low latency makes it easy to view your videos from all around the world in real-time. So the time between you broadcasting the video and it appearing on your viewer screens can be as little as two to three seconds, which is what it possible to create interactive broadcasts. So you can create polls and quizzes and add interactive elements to communicate with your audience in real-time. It is currently available in the US East, Europe, and US WEST regions. However, video delivery is available everywhere, using the Amazon global network, which is optimized for live video.