In this week, we have a lot of new interesting services available with AWS to be discussed.

Let's have a quick look at some of these,

  • EC2 Instance Connect is now on general availability
  • New instance types M5 and R5.
  • System Manager’s new feature- Ops center
  • VPS traffic mirroring

EC2 Instance Connect

EC2 Instance Connect is a brand new service that enables to connect EC2 instance using SSH and essentially controls access to instances using AWS identity and access management policies. It can record and audit all connection events in CloudTrail and also supports short-lived temporary SSH case. EC2 Instance Connect is compatible with all SSH clients like PuTTY and OpenSSH also, a new browser-based SSH client within the AWS console.

M5 and R5

There are now extra large instance types that are available in Intel and AMD powered M5 and R5 instance families. M5 is designed for general purpose workloads like web, app, and dev or testing environment available with 64 vCPUs, 256 GiB RAM, 20 Gbps network bandwidth as well as a choice between EBS and SSD storage. R5 is designed for memory intensive workloads like data mining in-memory analytics and simulations. These are also available in similar specs as above.

System manager Ops Center

System Manager Ops Center is a great new addition to the existing system manager since it enables facilities to aggregate issues, events and alerts across multiple AWS services like CloudWatch, CloudFormation and AWS config. The console also provides quick resolution steps that ensures key investigation data are all available in one place.

VPC traffic mirroring

VPC traffic mirroring can capture and inspect network traffic by methods that detect and filter unusual network traffic patterns and all behaviours which could indicate an intrusion in VPC. It works in a similar way to that of a network tab which monitors packets transmitted on a network between a specified source and destination. VPC traffic mirroring even monitors network packets exchanged by resources in two different AWS accounts.