What is AWS Media Service?

AWS Media Services is a group of cloud services that allows all kinds of organizations to create, process, and deliver reliable broadcast and over-the-top video content. The AWS Media Services are pay-as-you-go services, and these services and the application products offer a great viewing experience for your video from any screen. These services help the video providers to reduce the total cost of ownership, increase innovation and market responsiveness, and maximize audience reach and engagement. All these services can be deployed as building blocks or as individual components for end-to-end video workflows. The pay-as-you-go pricing helps the users to expand the video processing and storage capacity. This feature also helps to speed the time to revenue and easily manage spikes in the viewership without any capital investments. Easy integration of the AWS media services along with the on-premises systems, third-party applications, and other AWS services offers a complete set of tools for delivering and processing on-demand and live video content.

The services offered by AWS Media Services are the ones shown below:

  1. AWS Elemental MediaConnect
  2. AWS Elemental MediaConvert
  3. AWS Elemental MediaLive
  4. AWS Elemental MediaPackage
  5. AWS Elemental MediaStore
  6. AWS Elemental MediaTailor
  7. Amazon Kinesis Video Stream
Credits: AWS Media Services

Features of AWS Media Services

Some features offered by the AWS Media Services are:

Focus on Content

The AWS Media Services helps to set aside the undifferentiated heavy lifting of maintaining and acquiring video hardware. These services help the clients to focus on creating and delivering innovative video experiences and delight your viewers.

Scale as you Grow

AWS Media Services are easily scalable with audience demand and content requirements. These services integrate with AWS networking, storage, and compute services to make the video experience economical and straightforward to add the capacity as needed.

Go Global in Minutes

The AWS Media service helps to display the media workflow to audiences around the world. These services help to ingest the video near the source and distribute content near the viewer with the use of network resources to optimize performance and lower the latency.

Build and Adapt Quickly

The AWS Media services help to build, launch quickly, and test new channels, products, or services and helps to eliminate the guesswork of capacity planning. These services also get easily incorporated with monetization capabilities, machine learning tools, and security features. The customers can connect the AWS Media Services with other AWS services and third-party applications for media storage, content protection, machine learning, and more.

That’s it. I will discuss some of the services of AWS Media Services in the next episode of this blog.