Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops is basically an application/Desktop virtualization solution by Citrix Systems.  The basic idea is to deliver Centrally hosted application/Desktop to end users.  Citrix virtual Apps & Desktops is the recent product name; earlier names being Winframe, Metaframe and Presentation Server.  

Basic Architecture of the solution is as follows:

Lets not look into the components for now but instead, let's see how it works for an end user with the above example.

An end user connects to a portal with his/her credentials which is then passed on to a gateway (known as Citrix Gateway) and then to a web server (known as storefront) for authentication. After completing the required processes the details gets passed to a Controller server (known as Delivery Controller) which then returns a list of applications/Desktops assigned to the user. User then selects the required and it gets launched in his session.  Simple words, but a lot of process involved which we will see on the go.

Virtual Apps & Desktop Components

  • Delivery Controller - This is the central management component of a Site. A site is basically considered as a logical naming for the solution.
  • Database -  Database to hold the configuration information of a site.
  • Virtual Delivery Agent - Component installed on each Desktop or Server, this is responsible to register to the Delivery controller.
  • Storefront - StoreFront authenticates users and manage stores of desktops and applications that users access.
  • Workspace App - Client software installed on users end point.
  • Citrix Studio - Management console for site management.
  • Citrix Director - Monitoring component.
  • Citrix License Server - To manage Citrix licenses.
  • Hypervisor or Cloud - To host the virtual machines .

Benefits of Virtual Apps & Desktop Solution

Let’s see some of the benefits of the Virtual Apps/ Desktop solution.

  • Standardized setup.
  • Centrally manage applications/ Desktops.
  • Access anywhere any Device to improve productivity.
  • Control access.
  • Security.
  • Reduce cost and complexity to manage apps and Desktops.

And it keeps going..

By using this solution aligned with the requirement, an organization can drastically improve the IT service and productivity. Unlike the traditional solution where every user has individual computers and software installed locally on each machine, the Citrix solution centrally manages the apps deliver to users.  IT admins can easily manage the apps and requirements, updates patching etc.

To be continued...