What is AWS Elemental MediaConnect?

As discussed in the AWS Media Services blogs, the AWS Elemental Media is a type of Media service offered by AWS. It is a high-quality transport service for live streaming videos. Nowadays, the content owners and broadcasters rely on fiber connections or satellite networks to transmit high-level content to partners for the distribution or to send it into the cloud. But these methods are expensive, time-consuming, and lack flexibility towards changes. Some also use the on-top IP infrastructure to transmit video, but it has some struggles with reliability and security.

The AWS Elemental MediaConnect service helps to get the reliability and security for fiber or satellite combined with agility, economics, and flexibility of IP-based networks. This service also helps to build the mission-critical live video workflow within a fraction of the time and cost of fiber or satellite services.

Credits: AWS Elemental MediaConnect

One can use the AWS Elemental MediaConnect service to ingest live video from remote event sites like a stadium. This service also helps to share video with partners and for over-the-top service. The AWS Elemental MediaConnect offers secure video streaming and reliable video transport. The real-time network traffic and video monitoring feature of the MediaConnect service allows the content owners and broadcasters to focus on contents instead of transport infrastructure.

Features of AWS Elemental MediaConnect

The AWS Elemental MediaConnect service is a secure, reliable, and flexible transport service for live video that helps the broadcasters and content owners to build live video workflow and to share live content with customers and partners securely. The key features offered by the MediaConnect service are:

Built-in security

The Built-in security feature helps the broadcasters and content providers to protect their content using end-to-end encryption and industry standards. This service also helps to enable the whitelisting to limit access to trusted sources. The MediaConnect service gets integrated with the AWS Secrets Manager for key retrieval and storage. This service also helps you to create and configure unique encryption keys for each destination as your video leaves MediaConnect that gives the broadcasters and providers control over their content’s security.

The Comprehensive range of video industry-standard protocols

The MediaConnect services support a wide range of protocols for video delivery, such as Reliable Internet Stream Transport (RIST), Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP),  Zixi protocol, and RTP with the forward error correction (FEC). With the help of these protocols, MediaConnect enables a quality-of-service layer over IP network transport for reliable live video contribution into the AWS Cloud using the AWS Direct Connect or public internet.

Real-time Monitoring

The AWS Elemental MediaConnect service provides at-a-glance network performance metrics with the help of AWS monitoring services, such as Amazon CloudWatch. With the help of the MediaConnect service, one can adjust the settings to maximize the quality of the video workflow. One can also use this service to monitor the stream performance and helps to recover the stream without operator intervention automatically.

High-quality Video Sharing

One can grant content access to another account by creating entitlements in the MediaConnect for sharing the video stream with their partners and customers. These accounts granted with the access can create their own video workflow with the help of AWS Elemental MediaConnect and other AWS services.

Getting Started in Five Steps

  1. Log in to the AWS Management Console and create an account.
  2. If encryption is required, create the Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles.
  3. Create a workflow to ingest video into the AWS Cloud from a network location or an on-premises encoder.
  4. Add an output for the flow to transfer the video to the network destination.
  5. Ensure secure video sharing by setting the permissions and sharing workflow with partners.

To learn more about AWS Elemental MediaConnect, refer to the following video.

Credits: Getting Started with AWS Elemental MediaConnect

That’s it. I will discuss the other AWS Media Services in the next episode of this blog.