Mid July saw a range of new services being released with AWS. A brief note on the new releases and announcements are as below:


  • AWS Budget service releases Budget Report.
  • Cloudwatch releases a new Anomaly Detection feature.
  • A new service called Amazon EventBridge been announced at New York Summit.
  • Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL serverless is now available generally.
  • AWS cloud Development Kit is now available generally.

Budget Report - AWS Budget

AWS Budget now gives the ability to custom set budget alerts to notify you when you are exceeding the budget threshold for your AWS resource usage.
It allows you to create and send reports of the budget that you have pre-set on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to up to 50 recipients. It also allows you to send different theme reports by selecting a subset of budgets giving visibility into the amount they spend on AWS.

CloudWatch Anomaly Detection - Amazon CloudWatch

Amazon CloudWatch had its reporting tool announced recently but CloudWatch Anomaly Detection is comparatively more advanced. It will apply machine learning algorithms to the system and application metrics. This event generates a baseline that can be customized by specifying exclusion periods, changing the sensitivity or even setting the time zone to get a picture into your normal behavior. Once you determine the normal behavior pattern, the anomaly detection algorithm will continually analyze the CloudWatch metrics, with both customer and AWS service metrics, to report an abnormality when it occurs.

Amazon EventBridge - AWS

The biggest announcement of this week, a brand new AWS service- Amazon EventBridge, has just been announced at the New York summit. This new service is a serverless event bus that makes it easy to connect applications be it own applications, SaaS or AWS services. The EventBridge delivers a stream of the event from your source and routes them to your targets using adding rules that allow you to build rule time. Event-driven architectures are loosely coupled and distributed, which improves developer agility as well as application resiliency. This dramatically reduces the effort of developers as it takes care of event ingestion, event delivery, security, authorization, and error handling.

The only cost included is those events that publish the event bus services. AWS only charges for events published by non-AWS services, which also implicates the positive edge of using it for free with AWS services.

AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK)

This tool is created on CloudFormation and supports the use of Infrastructure as Code. It allows you to define your AWS architecture using familiar language and development tools.
The core concept of CDK is based on ‘constructs’. You can build your library or take a pre-built construct library. To foster reusability,CDK allows you to have multiple constructs. To do so, you can compose those constructs together into stacks and then deploy that to an AWS environment or a collection of stacks.

Now CDK is generally available for TypeScript and Python.

Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL serverless

Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL serverless lets you easily scale the capacity to deal with the widely varying workload. It uses a pool of warm resources to set up minimum and maximum capacity units. It highlights on the facility to set a pause after inactivity before you apply your workload.

Besides this, Amazon Aurora scales up the storage up to 64TB and is now available in US East(N. Virginia), US East(Ohio), US West(Oregon), EU(Ireland), and Asia Pacific(Tokyo) regions.