Let's have a look at this week’s interesting announcements from AWS:

  • AI-powered Health Data Masking.
  • Elastic MapReduce now allows you to block Public Access.
  • Elastic Container Service now supports Per-Container Swap Space.
  • Site-to-Site VPN now supports Digital Certificate.

AI-powered Health Data Masking

It is designed to supposedly help healthcare organizations to identify and mask healthcare data either in text or images. This is indeed great for organizations handling sensitive healthcare data. This solution can be deployed using an existing CloudFormation template that deploys an API gateway endpoint and also uses Artificial Intelligence services like  Amazon Comprehend Medical to detect data within the text and Amazon Recognition to identify text within an image.

Elastic MapReduce now allows you to block Public Access

MapReduce, a fully managed Big Data service has this new feature that enables the administrator to secure the Elastic MapReduce Clusters and prevent users from access to security groups that allow unrestricted public access when launching a cluster. Configuring the same is as easy as checking a box in the console settings that is applied on a per-region basis.

Elastic Container Service now supports Per-Container Swap Space

ECS is a fully managed Container Organization Service that allows you to run Docker Container in the cloud. Now you can control the use of Swap Space on Per-Container basis and can be used to increase the amount of virtual memory available on a system by moving inactive pages in memory to the swap space allocated on the disk. It mostly works well on applications with varying memory requirements. So, this means you can now control each container swap configuration even if those containers are running on the same EC2 instance.

Site-to-Site VPN now supports Digital Certificates

VPN is a network connection which allows your VPC to communicate with your on-premises network. You can now use AWS Certificate Manager to manage and deploy your digital certificates used for authentication.