Let's have a quick peek at this week's AWS Updates!

First non-English NTTS voices for Polly

Amazon Polly is a key service that the builders can use to quickly and accurately render realistic speech from a text in a variety of languages. AWS launches some voices that use a new machine learning approach using neural nets and a sequence to sequence approach versus the more traditional concatenate methods that just string together audio clips. What this means is AWS has effectively trained Polly to speak with a variation on inflexion tone and pace that more closely matches how native speakers talk and the difference is quite striking. AWS has now released the first non-English language to make use of this advanced technology: U.S. Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese as a particularly neat feature. The US Spanish version is bilingual and can easily shift between Spanish and English accents in the same sentence.

AWS invests big to combat Deep Fakes

AWS announced last week that it has committed a very sizeable quantity of resources in support of the Deep Fake Detection Challenge. Now, a Deep Fake uses machine learning to deliberately manipulate video or audio files to make it seem like someone said or did something that they didn't do. Unfortunately, these engineered media clips are being used to deliberately mislead audience to sway popular opinion or even incite political unrest. Ultimately, there is no way to detect or authenticate digital media clips that could undermine the legitimacy of all digital data. To help combat this problem, a competition called DeepFake Detection Challenge has been established through a partnership between Microsoft, Facebook, AWS with AI. Specifically, AWS is throwing 1 million dollars worth of AWS credits, likely hosting much of the over 4 petabytes of training data being provided along with expertise via the ML Solution Lab.

Amazon CloudFront Update

CloudFront helps you to deliver the content of all static, voice, web content and so on forth. Before 2 years, Amazon CloudFront reached first hundred edge locations. Now AWS announces that it is at 200 Edge Locations and growing. The newest locations are in South America, Colombia, Chile and Argentina. As part of that reaching 200 and launching these three new locations. AWS reduced CloudFront prices in South America by 56%.

AWS Global Accelerators

The AWS Global Accelerator helps to improve your application availability and performance, powered by the AWS Global Network and gives you a static IP address as a fixed entry point for your applications. The big news is that it supports EC2 instance endpoint in addition to the application of bouncers and network load balancers. The global acceleration is available in 12 regions now.