Let's have a look at this week's AWS updates!

  • New Flexible pricing model for EC2
  • Automated deployment for Lambda
  • Automated image scanning for ECR
  • AWS data exchange

New Flexible pricing model for EC2

AWS has announced a new flexible pricing model for computing resources and its called savings plans. The way it works is that you can save up to around 70 per cent on your EC2 instances when you commit to a consistent amount of computing usage measured in dollars per hour. For example, 10 dollars per hour for either one or three years. So you get a discount rate for everything you use up to the commitment and anything over and above is charged at the usual on-demand rate. So this is much more flexible than reserved instance because you don't need to commit to using a specific instance type.

Automated deployment for Lambda

You can now create serverless applications using an automated deployment pipeline from the Lambda console. So this means that you can now adopt best practices like continuous delivery for all your Lambda applications and they have been provided with a quick start template which includes a source code repository build and packaging processes, dependency handling as well as an automated release pipeline. This is great because it allows you to create uniformity in components to quickly rebuild applications and eliminate manual processes.

Automated image scanning for ECR

You can now automatically scan the docker image in your elastic container registry to improve the security of your containers. Elastic container registry is a repository for docker container images which you can use to store your images before deploying them to the elastic container service. You now can scan your images for a broad range of operating system level, common vulnerabilities and exposure to improve the security of your containers.

AWS Data Exchange

AWS Data Exchange is in addition to the AWS MarketPlace where companies can license data products which are available for you to use for both free and paid versions. There are over a thousand products from 80 data providers already in categories such as financial services, healthcare and life science, weather and mapping. If you need to access this data, you can quickly find it and start using it. If you want to provide data of your own, you can easily package license and deliver products on your own as well.