AWS this week has following updates which we will go through now...

  • Open monitoring with Prometheus for Amazon MSK.
  • Attaching multiple elastic inference accelerators to a single EC2 instance.
  • CloudFront access logs now provide seven new data fields.
  • SQS now supports 1-minute CloudWATCH metrics.

Prometheus for Amazon MSK

You can monitor your Amazon MSK or Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka clusters using Prometheus. MSK is a fully managed Apache Kafka service that makes it easy to build and run applications that process streaming data. Prometheus is an open-source monitoring system for time-series metrics, which is widely being used as an open-source. It also integrates with other metrics gathering solutions like DataDog and Sumo logic. Monitoring with Prometheus is offered at no additional cost.

Attach multiple elastic inference accelerators

You can now attach multiple elastic inference accelerators to a single EC2 instance. The elastic inference is a resource that you can attach to your EC2 instances to accelerate your deep learning inference workloads. This is a cost-effective method to build intelligent capabilities into applications running on EC2 instances. So by attaching multiple accelerators to a single instance, you can avoid deploying multiple auto-scaling groups and significantly lower your operating costs.

New Data fields for CloudFront access logs

CloudFront access logs provide seven new data fields and detailed information about every user request received by CloudFront. The seven new data fields improve visibility by enabling you to identify things like specific error types, the port number, request coming from values held in various HTTP request headers as well as response time.

1-minute Metrics for SQS

SQS now publishes one-minute metrics to CloudWatch. SQS is a managed message queuing service that enables applications to send, store and receive messages between software components. You can benefit from more granular monitoring with continuous visibility into the operation of your queues allowing you to quickly respond to any changes in your workloads.