Lets have a quick peek into this week's AWS updates:

*RDS for MySQL now supports authentication with Active Directory.
*RDS snapshots can now be exported to S3 as Apache parquet.
*Amazon GuardDuty announces enhanced threat detection.
*T3 instance types can now be launched as dedicated instances.

Amazon RDS for MySQL authentication

Amazon RDS for MySQL now supports authentication with Microsoft Active Directory. This will let Active Directory users further extend the benefits of single sign-on and centralized authentication to their MySQL databases which save both time and effort. You can use credentials stored in either the AWS directory service for Microsoft Active Directory or your own on-premises Microsoft active directory. There is also support for using the same active directory for different VPCs in the same AWS region.

Export RDS or Aurora snapshots to Amazon S3

Amazon has announced that you can now export Amazon RDS or Amazon Aurora snapshots to Amazon S3 as Apache parquet which is an efficient storage format for analytics. The parquet format is up to two times faster to export and consumes up to six times less storage in S3 compared to other text formats. We can still analyze the exported data with other AWS services such as Athena, Elastic MapReduce and SageMaker.  It is simple in the RDS management console and it supports exporting from RDS for Postgres, MariaDB and MySQL snapshots and from Aurora Postgres and Aurora MySQL snapshots.

GuardDuty Enhancements to threat detection

Amazon GuardDuty has launched enhancements to existing threat detections that reduce the alert volume and increases accuracy. GuardDuty continuously monitors for malicious or unauthorized activity in your account. The enhancements launched this week will result in customers seeing a 50% reduction in alerts, which makes the service more accurate without sacrificing coverage or security value.

Launch T3 instance types as dedicated instances

EC2 T3 instance types are now available to be launched as dedicated instances. T3 instances are a general-purpose, low-cost instance type providing a baseline level of CPU performance and the ability to burst CPU usage at any time. So T3 dedicated instances are dedicated to a single customer which means that your instance will be physically isolated from other AWS accounts. This is great for customers with specific compliance requirements or software licensing restrictions.