Lets have a look at this week's AWS updates:

50% price reduction for Elastic Kubernetes Service

AWS has announced a 50% price reduction for EKS or Elastic Kubernetes Service. EKS is a fully managed Kubernetes Service which enables you to run, deploy and manage containerized applications on Kubernetes without having to install, configure and manage everything yourself. From the 21st of January, the price has been reduced by 50% for all new and existing EKS clusters across all regions.

80% price reduction for CloudEndure Disaster Recovery

AWS also announced an 80% price reduction for CloudEndure Disaster Recovery. CloudEndure Disaster Recovery is a product that was acquired by AWS back in 2019. It is a highly automated Disaster Recovery solution designed to minimize downtime and data loss by continuously replicating your production environment whether that is in AWS or your Datacenter. It replicates everything to an AWS region of your choice. Now the price has been reduced by a massive 80% which is making it more cost-effective to backup your system. That is, the cost will be about $20 per month per server.

Plans to open a full region on Osaka Japan

AWS has announced their plans to open a full region in Osaka in Japan. So there is currently only a local region consisting of a single datacenter located in Osaka and this will be expanded to become a full region made up of multiple datacenter and availability Zones. Currently, AWS provides 69 availability Zones across 22 infrastructure regions all around the world. This new Osaka region is expected to be launched in early 2021 and it will be the ninth region located in the Asia Pacific and will join Tokyo to become the second full region in Japan.