Let’s have a look at AWS this week:

  • The use of CloudFormation StackSets with multiple AWS accounts just got easier
  • You can now attach provisioned IOPS volumes to multiple EC2 instances
  • AWS security hub now supports automated checks for PCI DSS
  • Lambda now supports Ruby 2.7

CloudFormation StackSets with multiple AWS accounts

The use of CloudFormation StackSets with multiple AWS accounts just got a lot easier. If you aren't familiar with CloudFormation StackSets, they allow you to roll out CloudFormation Stacks over multiple AWS accounts and in multiple regions. So now CloudFormation integrates with AWS organizations, allowing you to centrally manage the deployment of IAM roles, EC2 instances and Lambda functions across multiple regions and accounts within your organization.

Multi-attach for EBS provisioned IOPS volumes

You can now attach provisioned IOPS EBS volumes to multiple EC2 instances. So a single volume can now be attached to up to 16 ec2 instances within the same availability zone and each instance will be able to read and write to the shared volume and this is great for applications which need high performance shared storage for high availability AWS.

AWS Security Hub PCI-DSS checks

AWS Security Hub now supports automated security checks for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) and security hub gives you a comprehensive view of the security alerts and compliance status for multiple AWS services across your AWS accounts. It will provide continuous checks against 32 PCI DSS requirements across 14 AWS services and each of these checks maps to a specific PCI DSS requirement.

Lambda supports Ruby 2.7

Lambda now supports Ruby 2.7; so this is the latest release of Ruby and it includes some new features like pattern matching, argument forwarding as well as performance enhancements and updated libraries. This is great for Ruby developers out there who would like to build Lambda functions using the latest version of Ruby.