Let's have a look at this week’s AWS updates!

1. Alexa Integration with IoT
2.CloudWatch Service Lens
3. CloudTrail Insights
4. Athena Federated Querying
5. Use Athena to launch Machine Learning models
6. AWS Control Tower in GA

Alexa Integration with IoT core

One of the newest announcement was the launch of Alexa integration with IoT core. This means that Alexa voice capability can now be produced on any type of connected device and the associated workload will be offloaded to the cloud which in turn reduces the cost of productivity on Alexa built-in devices by up to 50%.

CloudWatch Service Lens

This is a great new feature which integrated CloudWatch metrics and logs with AWS X-ray to give you a complete end-to-end view of your applications and their dependencies. This also helps you with the root cause analysis and the identification of performance bottlenecks.

CloudTrail Insights

There is CloudTrail insight which is designed to identify unusual activity in your AWS account. For example, sudden spikes in resource provisioning or identity and Access Management events. The way it works is to analyze your existing CloudTrail logs to establish a baseline for normal behaviour. It will then alert you when any unusual activity is detected.

Athena Federated Querying

Amazon Athena now supports federated querying and this is an awesome feature since you can now use Athena to run standard SQL queries not only on files hosted in S3 but also on relational or non-relational databases like DynamoDB as well as objects and custom data-stores and even data located in your own data centre.

Use Athena to launch Machine Learning models

Another announcement for Athena is that you can now invoke machine learning models directly using an SQL query. You can use the pre-built machine models provided with SageMaker, use your own model or even one purchased from the AWS marketplace. This is currently in preview in US-East1.

AWS Control Tower in GA

Control Tower is a great new service which allows organizations to set up multi-account AWS environments and govern at scale. So with Control Tower, you can create an automated landing zone for new accounts using AWS best practices including structuring your counts using AWS organizations centralized logging with CloudTrail and configuration management with AWS config. You can also use Control Tower to perform ongoing governance and enable pre-configured controls around security operations and compliance. You also get a dashboard providing centralized visibility across all your AWS accounts.