Let's have a quick peek into this weeks AWS updates:

  • Amazon Elastic Search supports K-Nearest Neighbor Search.
  • There is a performance increase for several EC2 Instance Types.
  • AWS announced a Linux-based operating system for running containers.
  • Web Application Firewall now supports Anonymous IP List.

Build a k-Nearest Neighbor (K-NN) similarity search engine with Amazon Elasticsearch Service

Amazon ElasticSearch now supports K-Nearest Neighbor Search. Amazon ElasticSearch is a fully managed search and analytics engine that allows you to run complex queries and visualizations on a wide variety of data types at the petabyte scale. K-nearest neighbor gets used when searching on similarity, which is excellent for product recommendation engines as well as fraud detection.

Announcing 36% faster EBS-optimized performance on additional AWS Nitro System-based Amazon EC2 instances

Now, there is an increase in the performance of several EBS-optimized instances, such as EC2, EC2 G4dn, I3en, Inf1, M5a/M5ad, R5a/R5ad, T3/T3a, and z1d. This performance increase allows you to speed up parts of your workflow, which dependent on EBS optimized instance types, and there is no additional cost for existing instances. We need to stop and restart the instance to get this benefit immediately.


AWS announced the public preview of a new operating system, which is purpose-built for running containers named Bottlerocket. It is a Linux-based operating system that includes the minimum software required to run Docker Containers along with some essential software. This OS is going to avoid complex dependencies, which can sometimes happen with a general-purpose Linux build. The Bottlerocket is going to make software updates on container instances much easier. Now, it is in the preview, and you can start using the Bottlerocket AMI. It only supports Elastic Kubernetes service at the moment and expected to support Elastic Container service very soon.

AWS WAF adds Anonymous IP List for AWS Managed Rules

AWS WAF now supports Anonymous IP list for AWS Managed Rules. WAF is a web application firewall that allows you to block, monitor, or allow web traffic based on conditions that you define. IP address and HTTP headers is a classic example for this. With the Anonymous IP list, you can now block users who attempt to hide their identity or geographic location as well as malicious traffic originating from bots using the anonymous network.