Let's have a quick peek into this weeks AWS updates:

  • Amazon Redshift launches pause and resume.
  • You can update your global DynamoDB tables with a few clicks.
  • Amazon Managed Cassandra Service.
  • Amazon VPC Flow Logs support Resource Tagging and Tag-on-Create
  • Amazon Elasticsearch Service announces support for the Elasticsearch versions 7.4.

Amazon Redshift Launches Pause and Resume

Now, Amazon Redshift supports the ability to pause and resume a cluster that allows you to easily suspend demand billing while the Redshift cluster is not in use. That is, if you have a cluster used for development,  you can pause your compute billing, and you get charged only for the cluster's storage, which saves your money and gives you flexibility in managing your cluster costs.

Update the Global DynamoDB tables with a few clicks

Now, using the DynamoDB, you can update your global tables from version 2017 1129 to the latest version of 20191121 with just a few clicks of the DynamoDB console. By updating your global tables, you can increase the availability by extending them into additional AWS regions without table rebuilds required. There is no cost for the update, and you get benefits from improved replicated right efficiencies as well.

Amazon Managed Cassandra Service (preview) is Available in 18 AWS Regions

Amazon Managed Cassandra service is now available in preview for 18 AWS regions.  MCS is an open-source distributed no SQL database, which is proven to excel when you need scalability and high availability without compromising performance. It gets used in over 1500 companies like Netflix,  Reddit, Instagram, and GitHub.

Amazon VPC Flow Logs Supports Resource Tagging and Tag-on-Create

Amazon VPS Flow logs now support resource tagging and tag on creation. A tag consists of a user-defined key and an optional value, which makes it easy to categorize as well as provide the ability to search for your VPC flow log subscriptions based on purpose, owner, or any other criteria.  There is no additional cost for the above functionality, even if it is through the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI), the AWS Management Console, or the AWS Software Development Kit (AWS SDK).

Amazon Elasticsearch Service announces support for Elasticsearch versions 7.4

Amazon Elasticsearch now supports open source Elasticsearch 7.4 and its corresponding version of Kibana. This service is a fully managed service that makes it easy for you to deploy, secure, and run Elasticsearch cost-effectively at scale. With this, Amazon elastic search adds support for distance feature queries and aggregations based on range field types as well. This service makes you add a new domain with aggregations based on range field types and also allows you to upgrade the current versions of the Elastic search like 5.x, 6.x and 7.1 domains with zero downtime.