Here's the brief review of the AWS announcements this week:

  • Launch of Chatbot.
  • Launch of Predictive Maintenance with Machine Learning.
  • Launch of AI driven Social Media dashboard.

AWS Chatbot

AWS Chatbot has turned out to be a very useful technology that allows you to receive automated alerts and notifications about your AWS infrastructure in your existing chat rooms like Slack or Facebook messenger. It receives the alert through SNS and then formats them so that they are easy to read before sending it to your chat room. Also, you can use the chatbot to execute commands to return diagnostic information so that you can collaborate and respond to events faster than usual.

Predictive Maintenance with Machine Learning

This is a solution that automates the detection of potential equipment failures and provides a recommended a course of action. Predictive maintenance deploys a machine learning model using SageMaker and also uses Lamda, S3 and CloudWatch events. Along with these, CloudFormation templates are available to deploy everything for the users of this tool and it even comes with a dataset example from NASA to get you started. This also allows you to add your own dataset and train the model to recognize potential failures in the infrastructure.

AI-Driven Social Media Dashboard

AI driven Social Media Dashboard enables you to quickly deploy a system to analyze social media interactions from Twitter and then translate & extract in sizes from those tweets. Also, CloudFormation templates are available to deploy all of the AWS resources for the user and the solution is made up of a number of different services including EC2, Lambda, S3, and Kinesis, as well as machine learning technologies like Amazon Translate to translate tweets into English and comprehend them to perform like the natural language of a person.