AWS Elemental MediaTailor helps to insert individually targeted advertising into the video streams without sacrificing the quality of the broadcast. With MediaTailor, viewers of on-demand or live video receive a stream that combines the content with personalized ads. Unlike other customized ad solutions, AWS Elemental MediaTailor delivers the entire stream of video and ads with high-quality broadcast-grade videos to improve the viewing experience. This service makes it easy to accurately measure viewer behavior and ad impressions by delivering automated reports based on client and server-side ad delivery metrics. The MediaTailor also helps you to make more money from each video by improving the ad delivery rates. This service works with a wide variety of ad decision servers, content delivery networks, and client devices.

The AWS Elemental MediaTailor is a content monetization and personalization service accessible through the AWS Management Console. The MediaTailor service is configured to the video workflow using standard advertising protocols.

Credits: AWS Elemental MediaTailor

Features of AWS Elemental MediaTailor

Some of the features offered by the AWS Elemental MediaTailor service are:

Efficiently deliver targeted ads to any platform:

Using MediaTailor, it is easy to personalize advertisements for users across different devices from an ad monetization service. Video providers can set targeting criteria to fetch personalized ad content from the ad decision server. The ad decision server determines which ad needs to be sent based on time, viewer, and content. The ad insertion protocols supported by the AWS Elemental MediaTailor service makes it flexible to serve groups of ads or individual ads based on the business needs.

Use Independently or with AWS Media Services

Similar to the other AWS MediaServices, the AWS Elemental MediaTailor can work as a standalone service or can integrate with other AWS services for live video encoding, just-in-time packaging, VOD processing, or media-optimized storage.  Additional services such as Amazon CloudFront CDN, offer seamless interoperability with AWS Elemental MediaTailor.

Automatic Scaling

AWS Elemental MediaTailor automatically scales with the number of concurrent viewers, maintaining the quality of service and consistent performance as viewership goes down or up.

On-the-fly Ad Insertion

Unlike other solutions, AWS Elemental MediaTailor can identify and deliver personalized advertising content to each viewer. This decision is ased on the information the video distributor has about the viewer, such as browsing history, gender, or geographic location.

Getting Started with MediaStore in Five Steps

  1. Log in to the AWS Management Console and create an account.
  2. Create an Identity and Access Management (IAM) role and permissions to assume.
  3. Configure an origin server such as AWS Elemental MediaPackage to produce manifests for DASH or HLS compatible with MediaTailor.
  4. Create a configuration that describes the video source and the mapping information for origin and ad decision servers.
  5. Deliver the targeted ads with dynamic ad insertion to viewers.

To learn more about AWS Elemental MediaTailor, refer to the following video:

Credits: Getting Started with MediaTailor

That’s it. I will discuss the other AWS Media Services in the next episode of this blog.