AWS Elemental MediaStore is a video origination and storage service optimized for media. The MediaStore offers consistency, performance, and low latency to deliver live streaming video content. With MediaStore, customers can easily manage video libraries and assets by taking advantage of metadata to build cloud-based, dependable media workflows using cost-efficient and long-term storage.

The AWS Elemental MediaStore service is accessible through  AWS Management Console, or via APIs or AWS SDKs and configured to your workflow. The MediaStore offers consistency and performance required for delivering streaming media combined with the durability and security offered by AWS services.

Credits: AWS Elemental MediaStore

Features of AWS Elemental MediaStore

The key features offered by the AWS Elemental MediaStore service are:

Scale with audience

AWS Elemental MediaStore scales with the volume of requests received automatically. That means the increase in load will not impact the quality of the viewing experience. The automatic scalability eliminates the complexity and expense of pre-provisioning capacity. If the audience size goes down, then there is no need for de-scale; instead, you only need to pay for what you use as this service sizes to varied capacity automatically.

High Performance

The MediaStore service is optimized to deliver performance to meet the unique needs of high-quality, high-scale media workloads. This makes sure that you deliver consistent quality-of-service to the viewers by reducing end-to-end latency and lowering the risk of video buffering.

Access Control Management

Integrated security management tools help you to create Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles, restricting access to content to specific roles, and improving security. Regardless of the workload, AWS security management tools give you the control, whether its delegating write access to a particular set of users, or managing content read access.

Use Independently or with AWS Media Services

Similar to the other AWS MediaServices, the AWS Elemental MediaStore can work as a standalone service or can integrate with other AWS services for VOD processing, ad personalization, and monetization, live video encoding, or media-optimized storage.  Additional services such as Amazon CloudFront CDN, offer seamless interoperability with AWS Elemental MediaPackage.

Getting Started with MediaStore in Five Steps

  1. Log in to the AWS Management Console and create an account.
  2. Create a Container and use the containers in the MediaStore to store your objects and folders.
  3. Set up the permissions by editing the Container policy for the container.
  4. Send the video to the container using the AWS Elemental MediaLIve or another live encoder.
  5. Access the object by configuring an endpoint for distribution using a CDN, such as Amazon CloudFront.

To learn more about AWS Elemental MediaStore, refer to the following video.

Credits: Getting Started with MediaStore

That’s it. I will discuss the other AWS Media Services in the next episode of this blog.