Amazon Kinesis Video Streams helps to securely stream videos from devices connected to AWS fo machine learning (ML), analytics, playback, and other processing. Kinesis Video Streams provisions and elastically scales all the infrastructure needed to ingest streaming video data from millions of devices automatically. Kinesis Video Streams durably encrypts, stores, and indexes video data in streams and allows to access the data through easy-to-use APIs. Amazon Kinesis video streams help to process, store media, and capture streams for analytics, machine learning, and playback.

The Amazon Kinesis Video Streams service builds applications with ultra-low latency live streaming and two-way real-time communication.

Features of AWS Elemental MediaTailor

Some of the key features offered by the Amazon Kinesis Video Streams are:

SDKs to securely stream data from devices

The Kinesis Video Streams provides SDKs in Java and C++ that you can build and configure for your connected devices. These configured SDKs help to receive data from the media source of a device and transmit it to a Kinesis video stream on a frame-by-frame basis in real-time securely. The SDK is also available as a GStreamer-plugin to construct custom media-data flows.

Support for low-latency two-way media streaming with WebRTC

Kinesis Video Streams supports WebRTC, an open-source project. WebRTC helps to enable real-time media streaming and interaction between mobile applications, web browsers, and connected devices via simple APIs. Typical uses of Amazon Video Stream service includes peer-to-peer media streaming and video chatting.

Pay Per Use

With Kinesis Video Streams, you pay only for the volume of data you store, ingest, and consume through this service. There are no minimum fees or upfront costs, and there is no need to worry about paying for idle video streams.

Access control with AWS IAM

You can access the Amazon Kinesis Video stream with AWS  Identity and Access Management (IAM) to enable control access to your video stream. You can set policies to allow specific groups and users to take specific actions such as inserting data into or retrieving data from your video streams.

Durable Storage

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is used by Kinesis Video Stream to store underlying data. The retention period can be set and controlled in Amazon Kinesis Video Stream on a per-stream basis. This allows you to store the data cost-effectively in your streams for a limited time period or indefinitely.

Automatic indexing for retrieval

Amazon Kinesis Video Streams indexes the data stored in your video stream based on the timestamps generated by Kinesis Video Streams when it receives the video, or timestamps generated by the device automatically. You can easily retrieve and search specific video fragments for analytics, playback, and other processing by combining stream-level tags with timestamps.

Credits: Introducing Amazon Kinesis Video Streams